"52 Projects" contest
Projects, projects and more projects...

Thanks to the CraftSanity listeners who sent in project photos for a shot at winning Jeffrey Yamaguchi's excellent book "52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity." From quilts to knitting to stuffed monsters, you ladies and gents are very busy creating. Craftabulous!

Here's a look at what some of you are working on...


Gail Cowan, 41, of Bellingham, Wash., made this "softie" likeness of a picture her son drew when he was 5. He's 12 now, but his old drawings are still inspiring Gail. What a cool project! More people should immortalize children's artwork. Their drawings are so free because they haven't learned to doubt themselves yet. If only we could bottle that creative innocence.

softie a month patternJanuary Softie

Congrats, Jacqueline!!! My little craft assistant, Abby, selected you as the winner of Jeffrey Yamaguchi's "52 Projects"book! You're going to LOVE it. (Tune in to CraftSanity Episode 3 to hear what Abby had to say about the book. And e-mail me your address so I can send you your prize.)

Jacqueline Wolven, 33, Eureka Springs, Arizona and her 15-year-old, daughter, Paige Goodman Wolven, 15, are working on a monster project to make 100 fabric "softies." The project grew out of Jacqueline's desire to stop watching TV. She says they don't have any sewing skills, but it looks like they're getting by just fine. So far they have 29 monsters made, and plan to complete the rest by Easter with the help of their creative relatives and friends. They're already taking the monster crew on field trips. The rule is that the monsters must always travel as a group. Travel is going to get interesting when all 100 are jetting around town.

Do you have a sketch you'd like to see turned into a softie monster? Jacqueline invites you to post your sketch on your blog and send her an e-mail to let her know it's there. Then she and her crafting crew will bring it to life with a needle and thread. Check out her site and the rules of the 100 monster project here.


Lucy Feagins, 25, of Australia, just finished a baby quilt. It's her first qulit but you'd never guess it. Not everyone gets such a fabulous result from their first foray into quilting. Way to go Lucy!



Julie Ackerman Sarcona, 24, of Fraser, Michigan is making a quilt out of her husband's old T-shirts. Her dog, Chopper, is the craft foreman on this project.

(Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Julie is my crafty little sister and therefore unable to enter the contest due to my strict nepotism policy. I'm going to let her read my copy of "52 Projects," so it doesn't completely stink to be related to me.)

Thanks for your crafty support, little sis.


Jennie Meredith, 29, of Covina, Calif., made this stuffed cat for her "soon-to-be-here" niece Emma. The project was pretty popular with people who witnessed it's construction, so Jennie said she is planning to crank out a few more for special V-day presents. Cute!


Hanna is busy knitting this. Awesome.


Tracy Bannier, 21, of Canada, took a picture of the shelf she's organizing. While this isn't as fun as a craft project, it must be done. And don't assume Bannier's only project is organizing a book shelf. Check out the online magazine she writes for www.smudgemagazine.com. That is a very cool project.