CraftSanity Podcast Episode 217 – A conversation about 3-D printed printing presses with Open Press Project Founder Martin Schneider

by jennifer

German designer Martin Schneider created this 3-D printed printing press and published his design online for printmakers around the globe to print and enjoy.

The printmaking world includes many kind and generous artists, and Martin Schneider is one of them. After the 22-year-old art student in Cologne, Germany designed a 3-D printed printing press for a class at his university, he decided to share his design files for free and allow printmakers around the globe to download and print a press of their own as part of his fantastic Open Press Project.

Photo of Martin Schneider by Sven Buchert

As soon as I heard about Schneider’s project, I became obsessed with trying to find a way to print one of my own and I knew I wanted to invite Schneider on the podcast to talk about his printmaking and press design that he says was inspired by Kölner Graphikwerkstatt, the workshop that led him to become a printmaker. And I’m very happy to report that I was able to collaborate with an awesome colleague at the Maker Lab at the college where I teach and now have a tiny press to use when I talk about the history of printing in my journalism class.

Tune in to this episode of the podcast to hear Schneider tell the story behind his 3-D printed press design that is inspiring printmakers around globe to quickly befriend tech-savvy folks with 3-D printers. I, too, jumped on the Open Press Project bandwagon fairly early and I’m still delighted by my little white press that I use to demo printmaking. My first student was my 4-year-old nephew who was able to pull his own prints with a little guidance from his crafty aunt. So, I know for sure that this press is suitable for use by printmakers of all ages.

This is the press that Jennifer had printed in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So far, she has used it to print on paper and fabric in her studio and on the road. She plans to use it to demo printing techniques with students at the community college where she teaches this fall.

For more information about Schneider and his project, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.
And if you’re interested in swapping mini-prints with me, send me an email.

Photo by Sven Buchert

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