CraftSanity on TV: Last-minute holiday decorating ideas to do with the kids

by jennifer

I was planning to take the week off, but Abby and I ended up doing a last-minute TV segment on the fly. We specialize in “on the fly” around here, so we were able to pull something together quickly by grabbing the project we are working on and heading to the station.

We decided to show viewers how Abby, 6, makes wrapped wreath tree ornaments out of pipe cleaner, a project she started doing on her own about a year ago. She likes to work with a big packages of pipe cleaner (a.k.a. chenille stems). First she forms a circle and twists the ends together at the top. Then she wraps three or four more lengths of pipe cleaner around the circle one at a time to build up layers of color.

These colorful wreaths are fun for kids to make to decorate the tree. Abby likes to make bracelets this way, too. We never limit ourselves to red, green and white when we decorate for the holidays, so feel free to use as much color as you’d like. The brighter the better. :  )

I showed viewers the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi Snowmen I made following Anna Hrachovec’s pattern from p. 9 of the first issue of CraftSanity Magazine. They are super cute and fun to knit on size 1 needles. I have big plans to whip up more tonight before heading to the first of a series of holiday parties. You can buy a print copy of the magazine at the retail locations listed in this post, or order online. The fastest way to get your hands on the magazine is to purchase the pdf version.

I also did a super fast demo showing how to make giant 3-D snowflakes. You can download the directions to make your own here. They look complicated, but they’re easy as pie and always seem to be a hit when added to holiday decor.
I also showed the wrapped mini Christmas tree project. You can find directions to make your own here.
Below is the video clip from today’s craft segment on WZZM’s “Take Five & Co.” We cruised through the projects fast, so let me know if you have any questions.
Ok, that’s it for now. It’s time to start that holiday baking!

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