Strawberry Fields Forever

by jennifer

The sky was looking iffy yesterday morning, but the girls and I headed out to the strawberry patch anyway, almost daring the clouds to rain on us.

They did not.

Chilly and overcast, the conditions turned out to be perfect for picking and photography. Within 30 minutes we had plucked 14 pounds of juicy berries from our assigned row in the field and were ready to move on to the ice cream stand and petting zoo.

Watching my daughters running down the straw-covered pathways with berrry-smeared faces, I imagined that I’d really enjoy being a strawberry farmer. What fun to tend to a place for families to visit and children to learn where strawberry jam comes from. It was a good day.

Did you make your jam yet? We used Pomona’s Universal Pectin this year. It requires less sugar to jell than some other brands, but that’s not why I bought it. I really like the artwork on the box. (I know.)

Turns out this was a good move. The jam tastes good and the girls love it, too.

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