New Race Apron Just in Time for Tomorrow’s Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K

by jennifer

I’m running the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K in the morning, but before I head to bed I thought I’d show you folks my race apron. It’s made out of jersey and hand-embroidered. My charity sponsor for the race is Safe Haven, a local domestic violence agency that helps women and children who have been the victims of deomestic violence, so I embroidered this message on my apron:

“Every 15 seconds a woman is battered. Stop the clock. The bravest thing a woman can do is run, so run like you mean it.” I collected signatures from my teammates and the folks at Safe Haven and stitched those on tonight, too.

Embroidering this apron made me cry. Tomorrow I hope to channel that emotion into a solid run to raise awareness.

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