Looking For a Cute Valentine’s Day Craft? Try These Beaded Heart Pins

by jennifer

There’s something very satisfying about stitching with beads. I love the meticulous work of embellishing one little bead at time. And while many of my bead projects take considerable time, these little heart pins are small enough to whip up in one sitting. Read on to find out how to make some of your own. 

Craft felt in assorted colors
Straight pins
Seed beads
Beading needle (or embroidery needle small enough to fit through beads)
Pin backs
Hand quilting thread

Cut felt into heart shapes and make stacks of about three layers per pin for stability. Pin the stack of felt together with a straight pin and begin stitching beads around the perimeter of the shape with hand quilting thread. Continue to fill in the center with more beads or a text message like “LOVE” or “Be Mine.”  After all the beads are stitched on, sew a pin back to the reverse side and you’re good to go.

A little side note… My 5-year-old daughter saw me working on these pins and asked to make one of her own. Now she’s hooked on stitching with beads. So if you’re okay with the likely possibility that you will spend more time picking beads up off the floor after  your next stitching session, invite the budding crafter in your life to make a pin, too. It’s so fun to see what the little ones create and totally worth the inevitable bead spills. : )

Below is the clip of the craft segment I did this morning on WZZM Channel 13 “Take Five & Company” demonstrating how to make these pins.

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