Another holiday ornament preview… and a confession

by jennifer

After much wrapping, I finally finished the large ornament shown above in progress. I LOVE making these. (Come back tomorrow night for the tutorial.) The woven effect that you can create by simply winding thread is simple, yet surprisingly satisfying. I really enjoy projects like this that free my mind to ponder things like figuring out how to buy a small farm, write a children’s book with my daughters and start a zine. Time will tell if these things happen. In the meantime, I will keep  winding thread and mentally plotting out dreams. 

And now for the confession. It’s 7:19 p.m. and I have not run today. The training guide calls for a half mile warm up, one mile tempo run (slower than race pace, but moving at a good clip) and a half mile cool down. This is a very easy workout compared to what’s in store in a couple months. But I’m tired and just not feeling it today for some reason so I ate some lime-flavored corn chips and drank a Pepsi instead. (Very bad, I know!!!! Why do I go to such extremes?) Will I be able to will myself to the treadmill in the basement and salvage the day? Oh, boy, I really hope so. I prefer not to be plagued by guilt when I’m wrapping thread holiday ornaments. It really kills the mood.

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