CraftSanity on TV: Take kids drawing to make softie trees, leaves

by jennifer

On this week’s “Take Five & Company” craft TV segment I demonstrated how to make the Sofie Leaf Tutorial I designed for the current issue of Petite Purls. Download the instructions and give it a whirl with your kids.

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Rafael October 3, 2015 - 6:39 pm

tohaa , which I’m pretty sure is a coneequsnce of their time with Carlos, because that’s the way he says it.And I think it lends the names much more impact and for me it strengthens the bond I build to my units.For these reasons I would like to give the community a Yu Jing phonetics 101. Maybe the O-12 guys can figure something out on how to do it.Maybe that’s a very nice idea for the future podcasts. There could be a japanese, chinese, hebrew, greek etc. lesson, just listen and repeat with a couple of words for explanation. That could make people more comfortable and fond of their units (names).If so I’d be in to do the Chinese.

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