The long-awaited Recycled Runway video

by jennifer

Okay, folks, the video of last Saturday’s Recycled Runway event at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids, Mich. has been posted. I regret that I wasn’t able to interview every designer during the scramble that led up to the show, but the video will take you behind the scenes and let you in on how some of the fabulous creations featured in the show were made.

A special thanks to my overworked husband, Jeff, for producing the video after putting in long hours at the office. The video editing process was interrupted by storm damage. (We lost the metal gazebo on our deck in a gust of wind Sunday.) and other nonsense, but he got it done. Thank you!

Okay, more than enough said. Check out the video… I hope it inspires you to make some “trashion” of your own. I didn’t take still photos at the show, but you can see a few shots on Lynsey Roumell’s Mlive fashion blog.

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