Anyone Up For An International Game of Granny Tag? (a.k.a. crochet graffiti)

by jennifer

Sometimes people quit their jobs and start acting all crazy and wild. What do I do? I yarn bomb a tree in broad daylight wearing bright orange cargo pants and CraftSanity T-shirt and immediately start feeling like a brazen, bad*ss. For someone with a spirit that’s at least 110, this is probably a crazy and wild as it’s going to get.

So today, with the moral support of a crafty accomplice, who – for the meantime – shall remain nameless, I started up a game of “Granny Tag,” a peaceful, non-destructive and completely removable form of crochet graffiti that calls for the random placement of granny squares in public places.  So how about it, folks, who’s in? E-mail me with “Granny Tag” in the subject line of you want to play. You can live anywhere in the world to participate. Details to follow.

Oh, and here’s the link to this week’s art & craft column and here’s the column from previous week.

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