CraftSanity V.P. of Fun Celebrates 5th Birthday in Crafty Style

by jennifer

Today we’re celebrating Abby’s birthday with some handmade goodness including an embellished felt birthday crown, stuffed felt birthday banner and bunny softie with felt attire. Yep, we’re definitely on a felt kick here at the CraftSanity headquarters.

I’m addicted to making stuffed letters now and planning several more projects. These are super easy to make. Here’s the quick version of the instructions. Draw out your letters on paper. Then pin your paper pattern to a double layer of felt. Cut out your letters and blanket stitch around the edge, stuffing as you go. Sew loops to the back for hanging or simply thread onto a sturdy piece of yarn and it’s ready to hang. The banner really brightens the room and was completely worth every moment I spent stitching it.

Abby is out riding her new bike again. This time she took Lulu, the handmade bunny for a ride in the basket. So I better grab the camera and get out there. Happy birthday to Abby and cheers to you, dear reader!

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