CraftSanity on PBS show “Knit and Crochet Today”: Enter to win DVD set of show

by jennifer

It’s been about a year since I drove to Detroit PBS to visit the set where “Knit & Crochet Today” was taping with host, Brett Bara, and guests Kristin Nicholas and Drew Emborsky, a.k.a. the Crochet Dude.

Surprisingly, I was there to be interviewed about CraftSanity. It was my first nationally televised media opportunity, so I let my sister talk me into wearing a lipstick so I wouldn’t “look like a ghost.” Hey, this was a pretty big deal for me and my little homemade podcast.

I remember feeling very ill the day of the taping (sinus madness), but there was no way I was going to miss it. It seemed unbelievable to me that I was going to be on a show, broadcast into the living rooms of crafty people across the country.

I had such a good time meeting everyone that I told myself it would be fine even if my segment ended up on the editing room floor. Heck, I was flattered to be asked to participate. It was a validating kick.

So I went. I talked. I went home. And then I forgot about it.

Then a box from Candi Jensen, the show producer, arrived this week containing a box of DVDs. After letting the box sit on the counter for a while, I finally opened it and watched a slightly younger version of myself talk with passion about CraftSanity. Caught somewhere between a cringe and back flip, I observed how tired and happy I looked sporting one of my favorite aprons as I chatted Brett’s ear off.

I really LOVE producing CraftSanity, so that happy eye-bulging smile that I flash when I talk about it is genuine. (I went more than 30 years without even realizing that I bulge out my eyes like that. Wow. Sorry if I’ve scared anyone. ; ) Like many of you I get bogged down in the daily grind of life. I stress over the balance of a day job and family life and sometimes struggle to find extra time to nuture this CraftSanity dream of mine. That box of DVDs came at a good time and inspired me to pick up speed on the craft-related projects and proposals I’ve been chipping away at in the background.

What a gift Kristin Nicholas gave me when she suggested that her friend Candi invite me to the set for an interview. It was such a kick to be a part of this fun and informative show that features so many talented people in the fiber art world. (Thank you so much Kristin and Candi!)

I haven’t watched the whole season yet, but love the detailed explanations and little tricks demystified on the episodes I’ve watched. I’ve learned something from every show. Check your local listings to see when “Knit & Crochet” airs in your community. It’s worth checking out.

ENTER TO WIN “KNIT & CROCHET TODAY SET! In the spirit of the show, I’d like to have a little discussion about knit and crochet. Do you knit? Crochet? Which one do you prefer and what is your favorite thing to make? (Feel free to include a link to a project you love.) Comment below to enter the drawing to win a DVD set of all 26 episodes and discs including more than 50 patterns highlighted on the show. The deadline to enter is April 25. (A special thanks to Candi for donating this prize.) Good luck!

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