Security Envelope Valentine: Another “As seen on TV” Craft Project

by jennifer

This is another Valentine card project that I demonstrated on my last TV segment. Here’s what I did:

I grabbed a blank cards and cut a heart shape out of one the security lined envelopes that my bills are mailed in.

I used a glue stick to glue a small paper doily to the front of the card, then glued the security paper heart on top of the doily, so only the lace edge is visible.

Then, I outlined the heart shape with hand-stitched sequins. (My favorite part of this project.)

To hide the stitching, glue a piece of cardstock to the inside cover of the card with rubber cement.

This project is easy, making it a realistic last minute Valentine’s craft.

Speaking of love… I’m working on a story about couples who make their relationship a top priority. I’m looking for West Michigan residents who have regularly scheduled date nights with their sweeties, or have advice to offer other couples about keeping the romance alive. Please email me if you have a story to share.

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