I Looked. I Wanted. I Did Not Buy Anything At Fiber Fest.

by jennifer


ALLEGAN, MICH. — For a moment, I thought about helping this little fiber friend escape. I guess I assumed the chewing was an attempted jail break, a cry for help if you will. But the more I think about it, the sheep was probably just chewing to relieve stress. I’m sure it’s a little stressful having a bunch of people staring at you, petting you and asking how much you cost. If only sheep could knit…

It’s true, folks. I went all the way to the Michigan Fiber Festival and didn’t buy any fiber. It’s almost criminal, I know. I guess I’m to the point where the craft supply I need the most is time. I have plenty of yarn and fabric to keep me busy, so all I crave these days is time to create. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of that for sale at the festival.

But I did soak up some inspiring ideas and meet some lovely people, including a couple folks who knit socks on those lovely, old hand-crank machines.


Sorry if that photo made you a little dizzy. I compromised my photography on this one because I was feeling a little dizzy myself in the presence of this machine. Seriously, I probably would have bought one if they were selling them at fiber fest. I spotted one of these babies at fiber fest a few years ago and have been quietly obsessed with them ever since. Now that I know a couple people who own them, I’m afraid it will just be a matter of time. I’m in trouble, folks.

The girls had a good time at the festival hanging out with Grandma H. while I chatted with vendors and fellow festival-goers. My sheep apron was a hit as I expected. (Thanks again, Beth. I LOVE it!) The best comment came from a woman who told me it was “high-five-worthy” and slapped me five in one of the vender booths. I’m a veteran when it comes to sporting aprons in public, but that was a first. What fun!

Okay. I have more to tell you about the festival, but it’s going to have to wait because Michael Phelps is about to swim his final Olympic event and this requires my full and undivided attention. I dreamed of gold as a kid, too. So, I’m living it vicariously.

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