West Michigan Talent Showcased At Craft Club ATC Swap

by jennifer


Feast your eyes on these beauties. (Scroll down to see more.) Aren’t these ATCs great? They are the result of the artist trading card workshop, our resident expert, Diane Moser, led us through last month. Tuesday about a dozen workshop participants returned to the YMCA to swap their cards.

Like a proud mama, Diane led us through our very first Craft Club ATC swap, and was kind enough to build up those of us still feeling a bit intimidated by this whimsical art form.

Several of the cards photographed were made by ATC rookies which makes all the more wonderful.

And, in case you’re wondering, I did make some cards. But they seem more like mini-collages to me than ATCs (I can’t seem to supress the urge to put text on everything.) I stayed up way too late wrestling with foil tape the night before the big swap and wasn’t that impressed with the results when I sized them up in the unforgiving day light. Sometimes morning can be cruel that way, chasing away the confident artist that rocked the glue stick just hours before, revealing a woman with bags under eyes, ink smudges on her face, dried glue on her fingers and foil tape in her hair.

Even though I couldn’t bring myself to swap all the cards I made due to the their shoddy quality, I was glad to be a small part of the swap and rub elbows with a roomful of budding artists. I’m telling you, West Michigan’s got talent.










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