Going Green

by jennifer


Today, the girls and I planted spinach seeds in those nifty planters that hang over the porch railing. The seeds are from last season (or maybe the season before), so we’ll see what sprouts (if anything) in 8 to 10 days. I need to read up on how long seeds keep and plenty of other gardening facts because I’m planning to go green this summer.

I’m going to grow a garden and try to keep it alive all summer long. I would love to grow enough tomatoes to do some canning and salsa-making. I’ve been gardening as long as I’ve been a homeowner, but this year I’d like to take it a little more seriously. It’s all part of my green summer plan to eat local, shop local, drive less and eco craft and refashion more. I plan to document this reduce and reuse experience, too.

Anyway, I kicked things off by joining this farm and I’m really excited about it. I’ve been wanting to participate in community supported agriculture (CSA) for a couple years, and thrilled that we’re finally doing it. It will be fun to take the girls to the farm and show them where their food comes from. I figure this will be a good green earth lesson to supplement our backyard gardening experiences.

* On the podcast front, I expect to post a new show sometime this weekend.

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