Spring Delights

by jennifer

clairebag.jpg The sun is shinning bright, I’m wearing a new pair of pink and turquoise knee socks and I didn’t have an asthma attack when I looked in my garage at all the stuff I purged from the basement yesterday. Will I be able to take the next step and drive it to Goodwill today? We’ll see about that. Baby steps.

While stopping by the post office to mail off some packages, I was happy to see a delightful surprise in my P.O. box – the lovely spring bag in the photo. Isn’t it great?! It’s a gift from Claire in Santa Rosa, CA. She wrote that she made it “extra long to accommodate a baguette of sourdough bread.” Awesome. Now I just have to find the best place to buy bread in Grand Rapids. (Suggestions, please!) Claire also wrote that the bag was inspired by a design by Alicia Paulson (CraftSanity episode 17) Thank you, Claire! I love it!

Today is shaping up to be a great day and there’s still plenty more hours of sun to soak up. Excellent. I think I’m going to edit the rest of episode 75 out on the deck while I embroider another one of Abby’s monster drawings.

Have a great day, folks!

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