Quilting on Deadline

by jennifer


Tonight I am making a quilt top. It’s a super basic design made with a combination of stash fabric and some new fat quarters. I usually give away most of my projects, but this one I’m going to keep for my family to use in our living room.

I started out with a more complicated design, but quickly realized I would never finish it in time for my appointment next week with a professional machine quilter. I’ve never taken a quilt to be professionally quilted before. I usually use my machine to do very basic quilting or tie the quilt with yarn. I figured I’d see what it’s like to work with a pro after a local machine quilter contacted me. So, I’m going to go through the process and write about it for an upcoming art & craft column.

I admit that it is totally insane for me to be quilting right now. There’s so much other work to do, but I figure when I’m old and gray I’ll remember the fun of making this quilt and not the housework and podcast work that I skipped to make it happen. I’m having fun and think I just might actually pull it off ahead of schedule. If all goes well, I hope to finish the quilt top tomorrow.

In other craft news… I sent out the fabric postcard swap partner information early this morning. If you think you signed up, but didn’t get a message from me, send me an e-mail and we’ll get it figured out. The Pen Pal match-ups are next on list, so stay tuned.

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