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Today was Abby’s first official preschool snow day. When I told her that her school was closed because of the heavy snow, she immediately asked: “Is it closed forever?”

So, instead of going to class today and practicing her alphabet, Abby and her little sister, Amelia, got to play under the quilted “Party” banner I made for them over the weekend. They’re really into throwing parties for their dolls and stuffed animals, so I’m doing my part to supply them with fun decorations. I swear I could make decorations for them all day because they respond with so much gusto. For this mom, having two little girls clapping with genuine enthusiasm when I installed the homemade banner above our front window was pretty darn great.

And just so you readers don’t get the wrong idea and start to think that I’m going to try mislead you into thinking that my children are perfect and my life is a dream. Let me share this little tidbit. The day after I completed the banner, one of my little darlings decided to unroll my bobbins. I just about fainted when I saw the debris.


Big sister blamed little sister, and little sister confessed with a wide-eyed smile. But it doesn’t really matter who did it. The damage is done.

Okay. I’m going to go back and reread the part about my girls clapping for me and go to bed.

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