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tom's doodles2

I wish I could do this. I wish I could sketch faces while chatting on the phone and have them look like something more than stick figures composed by a child. To have the ability to draw would be really cool. Since drawing isn’t my forte, I enjoy looking at the sketch books of those who can.

The sketches you see above are the work of Tom Casaletto, the Grand Rapids painter and assemblage artist I interviewed for my next GR Press craft column. They were on his kitchen table when I stopped by last week to see his studio, so I did what I (almost) always do when I see something cool. I took a picture. I love the way the sketches look piled up on the table. So interesting.

What do you draw when you’re on the phone? Do you doodle or sketch?

Check back here on Sunday to read more about Tom and see photos of his paintings an assemblages.

A little side note: I’m not big on football, but I like the “Go Bucks” banner my friend Elizabeth crocheted as the hostess gift for a football party she went to. This gift is way better than forking over a bag of potato chips. Way to craft for the team, sister! : )

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