How-to for haiku from episode 33

by jennifer

How to Write Haiku

By Marie Kare, creator of the Sampler

How to Write Haiku.
If you can count to seven,
you can write haiku.

Haiku are poems
They are really fun to write
They rely on “beats.”

“Beats” are syllables
There should be seventeen beats
In all your haiku

Five in the first line
Seven in the second line
Five beats in the last.

This is a simple,
non-traditional version —
a western format.

True, traditional
haiku have much more complex
rules of construction

And they’re from Japan.
And written in Japanese,
which would make sense, right?

I hope you enjoyed
my haiku how-to haiku.

*** Okay. Now that you know what to do, you’re ready to enter Marie’s contest.

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