To Podcast or Sleep? That is the question.

by jennifer

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It’s funny because I don’t really have time to podcast. I work full-time and have two small kids. Heck, I probably should be sleeping right now. But I keep producing these shows because when I tape them I feel like I’m doing this thing that makes total sense. I’m best in one-on-one situations. I can’t stand meaningless small talk, and I love it when someone tells me something wonderful that I didn’t expect to hear. I’m a story collector and I believe that everyone, EVERYONE, has a fascinating story. As long as people will share their stories with me, I’m going to listen. It’s what I do.

Speaking of story collecting… I caught part of the interview with StoryCorps founder David Isay on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation.” Hearing Isay talk about his wonderful oral history project reminded me once again how important it is to listen and record the voices of our own personal histories.

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