Headline madness postcard art from episode 6

by jennifer

Headline Madness Postcard Art
By Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood


women’s magazines
glue stick
4×6-inch index cards
clear decoupage medium
paint brush


1- Tear and clip out headlines and oddball phrases. If you think the headlines in some popular women’s magazines are ridiculous, just imagine how crazy they sound when they’re taken out of context.

2- Find an image or series of images to glue onto the index card. (Skip this if you want to cover your index card with wall to wall headlines.)

3- Glue your headlines and text clippings over the image you glued to the index card.

4- Paint over the entire surface with clear decoupage medium and put it aside to dry.

5- Scan your postcard into your computer and e-mail it off to a friend. Or, if you prefer, mail it with a stamp the old fashion way. If you decided to share your art via e-mail, you can place you’re original art in a plexiglass frame and hang it on the wall.

Cut and paste away!

Note: If you make a postcard I’d love to see it. Send your artwork to me along with your name, age, city and country of residence. I’ll post the responses on my blog and link to yours.

© 2006 Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

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