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Illicit stitching

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Hi Posted Stitches

Don’t tell Jennifer, but I’ve been engaging in some illicit unfaithful Posted Stitches stitching….


Applique in progress

It all started innocently enough. Drawing, as usual, onto fabric and looking at the results. I quite liked what had happened, so out came the sketchbook. The colours of the fabric worked well as an underlay to drawings, so I drew a bunch of these shapes on the pages of my sketchbook and had a lovely time doodling on top of them.

Oh, if only it had stopped there!

Fabric will always be my downfall. “Hmm” I thought, “I’ve got some nice fabric that would make great fused applique shapes just like that..” And off she toddles to the front room (aka trashed guest room, aka sewing lair).

So, er, I have to confess that at yesterday’s stitching group, I spent the whole crafternoon applique-ing shapes to the foundation for a 10 x 10 quilt that is not made from Posted Stitches posted fabrics. So it will be a tangential Posted Stitches play piece. “Daughter of Posted Stitches”?

Ooh, the illicit pleasure.

Did I mention that my first plan for this month’s challenge (Dreams) might need a mechanical engineer? That’s my excuse for running off to play with my new idea: I’m just not mechanically-minded….

Let’s hope Jennifer doesn’t notice this post!

Little dog (Do you think the dog can keep a secret?)