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Make a Wish

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Hi Bev.

Before I move on to discussing the task at hand this month, I want to post about side B of my August “Dreams” quilt. I dedicated this one to my daughters who seem to have inherited my love of dandelions. Many people consider them weeds, but I not-so-secretly enjoy their presence in suburbia and celebrate them in photo shoots with the girls out on the front lawn.

I’m often inspired by my children, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when I got another idea while watching them play while work on our August quilts was well underway.

We were playing with sidewalk chalk when I heard Amelia pipe up: “Look, a wish flower! I’m gonna get it!” Then she dashed across the lawn in the direction of a dandelion topped with a circle of fluffy white seeds.

So of course, big sister, Abby, took off running full blast for the fuzzy white looking flower, too. Abby got there first even though Amelia hustled as fast as her little legs could carry her.

I intervened as Abby plucked the flower from the lawn, and told her to let her sister have it. Abby complied and we watched Amelia’s repeated and unsuccessful attempts to blow the seeds off the head of this delightful little weed.

So Abby stepped in.

“Let me do it, Amelia,” she said grabbing the dandelion.

Before I decided whether or not to intervene again, Abby said: “I wish for a castle with both of us in it.” Then she blew all the seeds away.

I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat, but it was clear that Amelia didn’t hear Abby wish. Amelia looked like she had just been robbed.

I stayed quiet and let Abby explain.

“A-me-ya, (that’s how she says Amelia when she’s exasperated) I wished for both of us, for a castle we can both share.

And this is why I won’t ever put weed killer on my lawn. I live for dandelion moments like these.

When I saw what I thought closely resembled a “wish flower” on one of the prints you sent, Bev, I knew I had to make something to celebrate this awesome and under-rated flower I love so much.

I started by embroidering a stem onto the “flower” then, ended up cutting just a single flower from the print and adding strips of muslin to build a quilt block up to our 10-inch standard size.

At one point I used a fabric pen to write out the wish flower story around the flower and I seriously considered trying to embroider the whole story in green thread, but realized the text would not accomplish the grass effect I was going for.

So I got out my fabric scraps and got to work cutting blades of grass to top stitch in place.

This quilt celebrates the flowers that bring my family incredible joy. These weeds rock.

Okay, now moving on to September.

I hope your next quilt is going well.