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Home: in at the finish

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Hi Jennifer,

Well, I’m finished! Here’s the completed “There’s no place like home” quilt for July:

Home final

It’s a little hard to see the drawings on the final quilt, but in person and in detail the effect is quite delicate. In as much as orange and blue can be delicate!

Click the image above to see a larger version – you’ll get most of the detail on the bigger shot.

Here’s how the whole thing came about:

First, throwing the fabric all over the table. Always a good start!



More stuff

Doing some drawings on the fabric. I was trying to decide how dark the pen lines should be, and in the end I didn’t go for the darker, sharpie pen drawings.

I drew benches, chairs, lamps and windows (very home-y things to me), coffee pots, a cup and some knitting (of course!), a dog – my dog (who I miss dreadfully), and then, on the blue fabric, I drew our heavy luggage, these bags we have lived out of for three months and whose weight we will soon – oh soon! – be able to put down.

Singer sewing machine

Oiling Mom’s old sewing machine, checking that it worked (hurrah, love those old machines), and sewing away! I put down the main image of me, cooking, and constructed the open window image first. Then the rest of the quilt was designed around those two ‘anchors’.


I even had to be called twice for dinner (aside: isn’t it nice to visit your parents and not to have to do the cooking? Ahh.)

Sewing late into the night.

Stitching in the car on the 5-hour drive through the mountains to Vancouver.

Hotel stitch

… and sewing in the hotel room two days before we fly from Vancouver to Auckland, and then… to HOME, Melbourne.

Until finally:


put the coffee on, honey – we’re home!


Talkin ’bout a home

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Morning Jennifer!

That’s the name of a song sung by Chris Isaak, and I’ve got it going through my head as I work on the July piece. I’ve got a main idea now, which is to show the sunshine-y, breezy goodness which is waking up in my bed at home in Melbourne, with the window open and the smells of the garden coming in.

Of course, when we left for our around-the-world trip, it was autumn in the Southern hemisphere – so that means we came home last week to find winter. No lovely smells and soft breezes for me! It’s chilly. Closed window, covers over head, hot water bottle: the works.

But the idea was strong and as we’ve been on the road I’ve been thinking of home a lot. This is the one moment that sums up good feelings about being there, and some of my longing for comfort and familiarity. Three months of moving on every 2-3 nights, and I dream of my own bed.

The view out my window in the morning.

I’ve been wanting to try different ways of putting my drawings onto fabric, but it had to be something I could do while travelling, living out of a suitcase.

So I used a fabric pen and drew directly onto the fabrics. I drew all of the images that came to mind when I think of home: comfy chair, coffee and time to craft; myself in the kitchen, cooking up a storm; the orange tree in a big pot in the yard, next to the bench where I like to sew. QuailAnd I drew a little quail, which is a reminder of an everyday visitor to my parents’ home, in Canada – a non-cliche Canada reference just for me. Because anyone who moves around has more than one home, right?

Once the drawings were done, I cut up the pieces and moved them around endlessly until I thought they ‘fit’. I wanted to keep it simple enough that it wasn’t cluttered, and I wanted areas for the eye to rest on the brown and cream muslin. I hope that’s what I have achieved!