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Balance: Tree Pose

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Hi Bev.

It’s been days since our live reveal on Skype and I finally made time to photograph my quilt today. September’s challenge ended with a quilted butterfly doing a yoga pose. I’m not really sure how to explain this exactly. I had other plans, but this is what came out when I started working this piece. Do you love it when the unexpected happens?
I Iove butterflies and regard them as a symbol of life. They’re beautiful and delicate and graceful. I like yoga, too, but have difficultly fitting it into my schedule. And since my yoga class attendance is rather sporadic, I haven’t progressed much farther than the tree pose that the butterfly is doing above.

This is my rendition of balance. And I’m happy to report that I used pieces from all the fabric you sent. In fact, I’m sure that my commitment to try to use only your fabric lad me to the butterfly design. I knew I could use all those prints on the wings. Thanks for the inspiration.

Your balance quilt turned out fabulous! Way to use those paints and beads! You go, sister! Now we’re off to create October’s “Myths & Legends” quilt. The adventure continues…



P.S. I still need to post about the new method I tried out on this quilt. I didn’t forget. I’m just pressed for time.