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The Emperor’s New Quilt

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Hi Bev.

I had to laugh when I read about the difficulty you had seeing the stitching on my July quilt. Web cams are not the greatest when it comes to show the details of our quilts. I’m so glad my quilt looked better and not worse when you saw the photos! : )

I totally see where you’re coming from on this. When you showed me your July quilt during our Skype conversation, I was not able to see all the find details of your sketches. I really enjoy your sketches, so I loved the idea of you sketching directly onto the fabric. However, I wasn’t able to “see” the results very well via web cam. I wasn’t able to fully appreciate your efforts until I saw the photos you posted online. Wow, what a treat! Love the luggage.

Your sketches combined with the great stitched details like the breeze blowing in the window make the piece wonderful. It’s really lovely, Bev. And it was great to see you in this quilt, too. Will you be appearing in all your quilts? It would be an interesting approach to continue.

It’s great that you decided to blend sketches with stitches, but I have a question: How did you fight off the urge to trace the pen lines with thread? (Just an FYI, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to leave me unattended with this quilt because I may try to stitch those sketches.)

Sorry about the two-sided quilt trend I started. I never intended to make it a habit, but I can’t seem to stop now that I’ve gotten into the routine. (Somebody, please help me.) On the bright side, I love what you did with the back of your quilt. : )