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Fabric frenzyWhat Is Posted Stitches?

Posted Stitches is a collaborative, fiber art challenge featuring a series of 10″x10″ art quilts by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood and Beverley Laing. Each month they exchange fabric and notions via snail mail and create a quilt using as many of the supplies received as possible to create pieces to satisfy the month’s design theme.

Jennifer and Bev committed to this ambitious art challenge without ever meeting in person. First they became pen pals via an exchange Jennifer organized through her CraftSanity podcast. Jennifer enjoyed Bev’s numerous drawings that filled the margins of her letters and decided to she’d be the perfect artist pal to take on a challenge like this. So when Jennifer happened upon this great site featuring two friends doing a similar monthly challenge, she quickly pitched the idea to Bev in an e-mail dated April 25, 2008.

To Jennifer’s delight Bev happily accepted the challenge and a flurry of e-mail was exchanged between the women who agreed to kick things off in June 2008. The goal is to keep the project going for at least one year.

Meet The Artists:

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, 32, is an American newspaper journalist and the producer of the independent CraftSanity blog and podcast. She writes a weekly art and craft column for The Grand Rapids Press where she has been a staff writer for more for more than a decade. Jennifer enjoys endurance sports and spending as much time as possible making art and other handmade goods. She lives in West Michigan with her husband and two daughters.

If I had to name three things I adore, they would include:

  • My family (husband, Jeff, and our daughters, Abby & Amelia)
  • Fabric, yarn, and public apron wearing
  • Running & Swimming

(Sorry, I just couldn’t narrow it to three. I adore so many things!)

Inspiration can be found everyday… by looking at my children. They inspire me to keep pushing to achieve my best.

Don’t make me… stop talking.

I wish… I could teach everyone to craft.

I’ve never met Bev, but I reckon she… is taller than me, more likely to illustrate a children’s book and willing to bungee jump.

Beverley Laing

Bev July08

Bev Laing, 35, is a Canadian living in Australia. A long-time craft aficionado, she is taking a short break from a career in marketing books. Posted Stitches was devised in the last weeks before she departed for a three-month around-the-world journey with her husband. Bev stitches on trains, in waiting rooms, on the deck, on the dock, even on the plane (without scissors), and dreams of a day when craft can enter both professional and play worlds for her. She runs a craft and art history blog, Taccolina, and another with her husband, and she’s doodling up a storm…

If I had to name three things I adore, they would include:

  • Cooking – and sampling the results, mmm.
  • Fabric and stitching, and sewing and making, and drawing and doodling (do I have to stop now?)
  • My family! (and of course, the dog)

Inspiration can be found everyday… at the Queen Vic Market

Don’t make me… bungee jump (I’m scared of heights)

I wish… I could find time to do it all!

I’ve never met Jennifer but I reckon she… is one of the most tenacious and determined people I know.

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