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Round and round and round it goes…

Thursday, April 16th, 2009
Ring o rosy

Ring o rosy

Posted Stitches has been on the go for almost a year now. A year of sending parcels back and forth. Dreaming up themes and making up quilts. Missing deadlines and hanging out on Skype (we introduced our dogs to each other, and I just love it when the girls want to show me their latest craft treasure!)

We’ve had a hiatus of an autumn (your spring), while I dealt with post-bushfire shock and wore myself out with crafty charity. You’ve had ups and downs in the turbulent economical climate of newspaper journalism. We’ve had illnesses and family events to take our attention and time away from the creative arts that capture our dreams.

But, do you know what? It’s always been there. Sitting in the background as a promise that creativity would be and is still a part of who we are.

‘Way back when we started Posted Stitches, we didn’t know each other. I was picking up my backpack and quietly shutting my front door behind me as we headed off around the world to see what we could see. Scraps of fabric and needles and thread: my entire stash in one zip-lock sandwich bag in my pack. You were working on your craft column, new then, and the idea of teaching and TV, well, they weren’t materialised (ha ha) yet.

Now, we’ve got almost a year of stitching and thinking under our belts. We both talk about our art quilts with a confidence that is so far from the tentative and under-confident first forays. ‘Can I even MAKE an art quilt?’ we both asked ourselves — first, privately, then openly. Now, it just seems a fact of life. We make art quilts. Little art quilts. Little reflections of a life lived, a friendship formed, and themes to explore.

There’s a whole world out there: it’s in our heads and our hands and in the minds of all crafters as we make up something new.swallow_tiny

What craft worlds have you built for yourself and, if you haven’t made an art quilt before, will you join us?

There’s a little list of the themes that we are considering next. I’m going to put a selection of them (plus a few surprises just for fun!) into the Random Number Generator to let it choose what we make next. The interwebby-thing can decide. After all, it’s where we met!


Bug fixes

Thursday, April 16th, 2009


Whew! It looks like Jennifer’s clever husband has fixed the bugs we’ve been struggling with over here at Posted Stitches headquarters. Some wizardry involving software and the server. Thank you!

Now I can post pictures again, and do you know what?

- That makes me happy.

Protest stitches

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Hi there,

Now that I’ve explained my sudden prolonged absence, I can get down to the fun of showing what was made for the Protest theme. I really like your quilt, Jennifer, and next to it, mine feels serious. Though not entirely.


I made this quilt out of protest at the people who choose to pull the world apart. Through wars, greed or environmental destruction. Our globe is such a beautiful place, but it is so easily crumbled and torn to pieces by those few whose actions ruin it for everyone. Not all damage is reversible. I protest against the short-sighted, the greedy, the apathetic, and above all, against those who go to war needlessly. 

The font of the quilt is a globe, made up of bands of fabric. Flowers for beauty, camouflage print for militarism, and rich colours for the complicated mass of humanity. The globe is crumbling at the edge. The resulting shape is a little reminscent of a skull. Dangling pieces for the broken bits of lives and beauty smashed by war. 

On the back of the quilt, love can bloom in the midst of violence and warmongering. Love can be a spiky thing. It’s not all hearts and roses. The heart an image of blood, passion and unreason — strong emotions, sometimes god, sometimes destructive. There is a violent part inside humanity but we learn to live with it. To civilise ourselves. Be god to our neighbours. Walk lightly on the earth. 

I stitched this quilt in a 24-hour heat of inspiration provoked by thoughts of the injustice of war and the waste of environmental destruction. 

Serious? Yes, but that’s a part of life, too! 

Maybe the next one will have some sense of fun and humour in it again. We’ll see what shows up!



PS: I am still unable to load any new images, in whatever browser or machine I try. Bear with me. I think this is a Mac thing. 

Neither here nor there

Friday, April 10th, 2009

It seems that WordPress has caught me in limbo. I can post, but I can’t post pictures. How strange!

Tomorrow I’ll be playing about with a new and different browser, and let’s hope that works.