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Days Like These

Today was not a good day to run out of Pepsi. It also wasn’t a good day to experience 91-degree heat. I’ve experienced far more distractions and setbacks than normal as I work to...


No Excuses

Sometimes I’m amazed how easy it is to talk myself out of something. I didn’t run yesterday because my I had a lame-o fashion injury. A couple days ago a cute but completely uncomfortable...


My Mom Rocked This Crocheted Mario Pattern

We love handmade gifts here at the CraftSanity Headquarters, so it’s no surprise that Abby was thrilled to received a crocheted Mario on her 8th birthday from Christy Ackerman, my mom and Abby’s “nana.” My...

Video Highlights of Woven House Earth Day Project 1

Video Highlights of Woven House Earth Day Project

Hello! Here’s the edited video slide show we played for the elementary students who worked on the woven house project at their school assembly last Friday. Enjoy!