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Happy Handmade Holidays!

Seasons greetings from CraftSanity! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season with family and friends. The Christmas Eve snow didn’t stick here in West Michigan, so I crocheted some handmade snowmen stand-ins. I think...


CraftSanity On TV: Unraveling sweaters to grow your yarn stash and try this crochet bowl pattern

This Sunday my newspaper column will feature West Michigan crochet enthusiast, Kendra Wineman. After meeting Kendra and seeing her colorful stash of reclaimed yarn and cute, crochet nesting bowls, I decided to unravel a sweater and make some bowls for my daughters to organize trinkets in their room.

It’s Granny Time 1

It’s Granny Time

The kids need new winter gear, so I will be transforming this yarn into granny square hats (Similar to this one.) and scarves. Do you have any favorite granny square patterns? I’m looking for...