CraftSanity Podcast Episode 192: How Stacey Trock went from grad school to crochet empire


Stacey Trock was a grad student studying linguistics with a focus on child language acquisition when she made a bold move that raised eyebrows in her department. She decided to skip shopping for a tenure track university job and prepared to launch a crochet business after graduation instead.

“I had advisers telling me I was doing the stupidest thing they had ever heard anyone do,” Trock said, laughing.

But she was undeterred and the proof that had the skills to run a crochet business came when her then-boyfriend, now-husband went on a trip. When he returned she showed him the stuffed lion, koala, and snail and she had stitched while he was away – tangible evidence that she could design and write patterns.

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Here are some links to where you can find Trock online:

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  • Ami Club:
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  • Pinterest: freshstitches
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