Sewing Through It: A new blue dress for me and a chance to win a copy of “Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style” for you


I couldn’t sleep the other night, so I sewed until 4 a.m. and calmed my nerves with the whir of my sewing machine. Now I have a lovely blue dress hanging on a wooden hanger taped to my chalkboard wall.

LottaCvrMech_051215_r3.inddWhile this isn’t exactly the way I had planned to whip up a project from Lotta Jansdotter’s new “Everyday Style” book, it turned out to be the best thing for me to do while I awaited sad news about my Uncle Mark who battled cancer until his passing yesterday evening.

Sometimes making things is the best medicine for a heavy heart and Sunday night I was really glad to have the blue Sky Leaf print (37119-9) from Lotta’s “Mormor” fabric collection sent to me by the kind folks at Windham Fabrics. As a fan of loose-fitting dresses that allow plenty of room for me to do my thing without worrying about busting a seam, the Kiomi Dress on p.91 of Lotta’s book spoke to me. I had to make one.

As my daughters got ready for bed, I traced the mid-length dress pattern pieces (included in a pocket at the back of the book) onto freezer paper as I do with every pattern I sew. My cat, Justine, loves this part and planted herself right in the middle of the action as she often does. I shooed her off the pattern about a dozen times as I traced and cut out the pieces. I love that I can count on Justine’s cat shenanigans to make the boring prep work quite hilarious.


IMG_7630The great thing about the Kiomi Dress is that it goes together quickly. I made matching bias tape trim for the neckline and armholes, but you can use pre-made bias tape from the sewing store if you prefer.

Initially, I decided to skip the optional belt, but once I had the dress together I realized that I probably should have made one. So I whipped up a thin belt out of the left-over fabric. I also decided to add pockets because all my favorite dresses have pockets and I really wanted to enjoy this one.

IMG_7612So, after sewing my way through a restless night, I have something blue (my favorite color) and tangible that matches the sky and my uncle’s favorite football team (the Detroit Lions). When I wear this dress I will remember Mark listening to football games on the radio at Thanksgiving dinners and the easy way he made me laugh when I was a kid. He had an adventurous spirit that was not lost on me. I’m planning to take this dress on a few of my own in his memory. (Hug your mom and save me a seat, dude. I plan to be up there in about a hundred years.)

ENTER TO WIN: I believe in the healing power of handmade adventures to my core, so I want to invite you all to leave a comment below about how making stuff has helped you and enter to win a copy of Lotta’s awesome book. A winner will randomly selected. The deadline to enter is 11:59 Dec. 22, 2015. Good luck!!

LISTEN TO MY CONVERSATION WITH LOTTA! And if you missed my recent post and podcast featuring Lotta, the Brooklyn-based Swedish designer who unknowingly helped me out big time this week, you can have a listen below. (Thank you, Lotta.)

And check out the rest of the blog tour for more examples of sewing projects inspired by Lotta’s book and more chances to win a copy for yourself.

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Don’t forget to comment below, look at the sky often and keep making stuff because it really helps.

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57 Responses

  1. patty says:

    I love making and giving away handmade quilts. I have been told that this is one item that is treasured by everyone from casual acquaintances to rock stars.

  2. Pam says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I agree there’s a healing power in making things. I find that sewing and knitting help me after I’ve had a stressful day, even if not stressful, they are just calming and kind of meditative and put me in a better place when I work on them.

  3. Nicole Sender says:

    I agree that creating can give you comfort. I do like to make gifts for my family; especially comforters and quilts.

  4. Cindy Moore says:

    I’ve been making things ever since I can remember. I can’t sit down without having something in my hands. I think more than anything, making things has saved me from boredom.

  5. Jennyroo says:

    Checking back (pathetically?) to see who won. Maybe it was me? A girl can dream, LOL. :) Happy new year!

  6. Beth poague says:

    How do you like the pockets? Why did you decide patch pockets instead of side Sean pockets? I just started this with expensive linen and I don’t want to mess it up but I woul really prefer pockets.

  1. December 23, 2015

    […] December 15 – Craft Sanity […]

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