CraftSanity Episode 179: Lisa Congdon talks about blooming late as an artist, dealing with haters and thriving after 40


* All photos courtesy of Lisa Congdon.

I can think of no better way to wrap up another  year of podcasting than to bring you an interview with Lisa Congdon, a fine artist, illustrator and author who has inspired countless people to be true to themselves, love without regret, do the work, follow their hearts and have the courage to call themselves artists – even if it’s just in a whisper at first.

Floraandfauna-805x1024On this episode of the podcast, Lisa talks candidly about the unexpected journey that led her to find her voice as an artist later in life, how she’s embracing the aging process and how she deals with aggressive commenters who have attacked her private life, criticized her art and pushed back when she reflected on how her life has improved as she’s aged. She’s 47 now and loving it.

A former elementary school teacher and self-taught artist, Lisa started making art in her 30s and was making a living at it by her 40s. Even though her path to an art career did not involve art school or committing to the life in her 20s, Lisa has gone farther than a lot of other artists who took the traditional road that often includes art school. While success is impossible without talent, Lisa has been able to propel herself forward by doing one thing in particular. She worked very hard and continues to do so.The-Journey_8001

JoyOfSwimming_ApprovedCVR_wSpine.inddSince launching her art career, Lisa has written “Art Inc: The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist,” and  illustrated books “Fortune Favors the Brave,” “Whatever You Are, Be a Good One,” “Twenty Ways to Draw a Tulip” and “A Collection a Day.” Her new book, “The Joy of Swimming: A Celebration of Our Love for Getting in the Water” is forthcoming in 2016. She also writes a popular blog called “Today is going to be awesome.”homepageslider_chasingpaper

cloud9_entirecollection_grid-e1439816791781Lisa’s designs have also appeared on fabric an wallpaper, stationary and in numerous publications.

Lisa has returned to her teaching roots, too, this time as an artist coaching others to find their creative voice. She teaches folks how to doodle, sketch and paint on Creativebug and is offering a new “I am an artist” ecourse on her website.

If you want a chance hear Lisa speak in person, she is scheduled to give a keynote address at Midwest Craft Con that is scheduled for Feb. 19-21 in Columbus, Ohio.

In the meantime, settle in with a project and enjoy an inspiring conversation with Lisa.

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