CraftSanity Episode 178: Grace Dobush shares the story behind Midwest Craft Con

MCC_Finallogo_statesIf you live in the Midwest U.S. and have noticed that most of the craft con action happens on the East and West coasts, Grace Dobush (co-organizer of Crafty Supermarket) has some good news for you. She joined forces with Brit Charek (organizer of Crafty Mart) and Megan Green (organizer of Craftin’ Outlaws) to plan and invite you to Midwest Craft Con slated for Feb. 19-21 in Columbus, Ohio.

grace-portrait-newGrace contacted me a while back and about participating and I was happy to take her up on the offer and now I’m really looking forward to recording podcasts at the conference. (CraftSanity listeners, email me if you’re going and let’s try to meet up, ok?!)

On this episode of the podcast, Grace, 33, a freelance writer and creative entrepreneur from Cincinnati, Ohio, will share the story behind Midwest Craft Con and a bit of her creative history, too. So settle in with a project folks and get inspired to take a road trip this winter. : )

coverGrace is the author of the craft business book “Crafty Superstar” and a zine maker, too. Check out her work here. She’s a printmaker, too, so I have big plans to haul my turquoise press to Columbus in February. It will be fun to print as much as time allows.

Check back in a day or two for the next episode of the podcast that will feature a chat with fine artist and illustrator, Lisa Congdon, who is scheduled to give a keynote address at Midwest Craft Con.

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