CraftSanity Podcast Episode 175: A conversation with Lotta Jansdotter about fabric, design and her new book ‘Everyday Style’

LottaJansdotterEvery#545234This week I’m bringing you a conversation with Lotta Jansdotter, the Brooklyn-based Swedish designer of items ranging from home goods to textiles.

LottaCvrMech_051215_r3.inddOn this episode we discuss her new book “Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style.” The book contains her first collection of  five clothing designs and includes patterns for a skirt, dress, blouse, pants/shorts and a jacket/coat. This book, which also includes tutorials for fun accessories including fabric necklaces, totes and scarves, is unique in that Lotta tells the story of each project and includes photos of her sketchbooks and studio for a bit of a behind the look at her life as an artist and designer.

One of the best parts is that woven into the fabric of this book of clothing designs is the story of Lotta and the important people in her life as each garment is modeled by Lotta and the women close to her. The models range in age from teen to senior, underscoring the fact that these designs can be worn by all ages without inspiring a citation from the fashion police – not that any of us DIYers actually care about bending the so-called “rules” of fashion. : )


This episode also features my earnest attempt to learn to pronounce Lotta’s name correctly (with only marginal success I’m afraid) and an after show that I hope will inspire those of you who are in the process of rebooting your creative, professional and/or fitness lives. I’ve in the process of jumpstarting all three and will be sharing little bits about that along the way.

Lotta’s Blog Tour – This is coming up quick and I’ll be participating. Stop back here on Dec. 15 and check out the dress I’m going to make from the pattern in Lotta’s book. (Did I mention that the pattern pieces come in the back? Well, they do, so no downloading and printing required. Yay! However, you do need a careful eye to make sure you’re tracing the correct size from the master copies at the back of the book.) Wish me luck, folks. : )

Here’s the full blog tour line-up:

Dec 1 – Lotta

Dec 2 – STC Craft

Dec 3 – Windham 

Dec 4 –  Noodlehead

Dec 5, 12 and 19 – Lotta’s studio will be open for signed books

Dec 7 – Modern Handcraft

Dec 8 – Sew Scatterbrained

Dec 9 – Crimson Tate

Dec 10 – Purl Soho appearance – Lotta will demo a project from the book and sign

Dec 11 – Groovy Baby & Mama

Dec 14 – City Stitching with Christine Haynes

Dec 15 – CraftSanity (That’s me!)

Dec 16 – Aesthetic Nest

Dec 17 – Sew Mama Sew

Dec 18 – Lish Dorset

Dec 19 – Fancy Tiger Crafts

Dec 21 – Generation Q

Dec 22 – Carolyn Friedlander

Dec 23 – Crafty Planner

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