CraftSanity Podcast Episode 174: Get inspired to ‘Knit the Sky’ with Lea Redmond


Photo courtesy of Lea Redmond.

622333KnitTheSkyCvrIf you like knitting, sipping tea, building forts and watching the clouds roll by, this episode was recorded just for you. My guest is Lea Redmond, author of the sweet new book, “Knit the Sky: Cultivate Your Creativity with a Playful Way of Knitting.” She is also the creative force behind LeafcutterDesigns where you’ll find an fun selection of the clever things she dreams up including the Knit the Sky scarf project and the World’s Smallest Post Service.


Excerpted from “Knit the Sky” by Lea Redmond. Illustrations by Lauren Nassaf. Used with permission of Storey Publishing.

Lea, 35, of Oakland, California, built a successful creative business guided by her fascination of the way ordinary things sometimes morph into the extraordinary. Tune in the hear the story of what inspired her to begin writing tiny letters and start hosting guests in a makeshift backyard teahouse.


Photo courtesy of Lea Redmond.

If you’ve ever wanted a little more whimsy in your life, this episode might give you the gentle push you need. And if you have a moment, please do leave a comment about a current or future creative project you are doing or want to do someday. I’ll go first and share that I’m making a super-size hexagon quilt fort that I plan to record some future podcasts in. It’s a ridiculously large undertaking and a bit of a stretch for one person, but I know it will be really satisfying to see this project through. Ok, your turn… what are you working on? 


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