CraftSanity Podcast Episode 173: Anne Weil talks about making her handmade dream a reality and her new book, ‘Knitting without Needles’


Like many of us, Anne Weil got urge to quit her day job and follow her handmade dreams. But it didn’t all fall into place over night. On this episode of the podcast, Anne talks about what led her to walk away from a finance career in New York City and settle out West. Even after launching her Flax and Twine blog was there were hiccups and even a temporary return to the career she left.

KnittingWithoutNeedles_COVERBut now, it seems that Anne has found her groove. Her new book, “Knitting without Needles: A Stylish Introduction to Finger and Arm Knitting” is gaining momentum and is she traveling to teach arm and finger knitting techniques and many upcoming conferences and workshops.

While I was editing this podcast I made myself a finger knit headband inspired by Anne’s book. I haven’t done any finger knitting for a few years, so I really enjoyed picking it up again and seeing all great projects in the book that features projects for to wear, adorn the home and play with with.

FullSizeRenderI tried arm knitting when it first was getting popular. I watched a couple video tutorials and got frustrated when the demonstrators were facing the camera instead of showing their work as the viewer would see it. Once I figured out how to approach it, I had my husband, Jeff, shoot a video of me arm knitting a cowl in one take. The video was shot over my shoulder so viewers wouldn’t have to struggle to figure out the process. Then, after filming my tutorial, I moved on to other projects and didn’t look back.

And then I paged through Anne’s book and now I want to arm knit again. Ha! I’m really impressed by how Anne dedicated herself to exploring what is possible with both arm and finger knitting. The projects in her book are beautiful and range from beginner to advanced.


Next on my list is this Slouch Hat on p. 40. And if I get time and save up for a whole load of yarn, I want to make the Cabled Blanket on p. 92. Yes, folks, you can cable knit with your arms and that sounds pretty darn awesome to me. Oh, and I gotta make a Grand Pouf on the cover of the book. (Read all about Anne’s blog pouf tour here. She made a bunch of beautiful poufs and sent them to popular bloggers in a very clever and sweet book promotional move.)

One of the beauties of this book is that it’s accessible to children and adults who have never knit before AND those of us who make it a practice to move about the Earth with yarn and needles stashed in our bags. This is a good book to add to the home reference library and a perfect title to have on standby for snow days, knit nights and crafty kid sleepovers. Although, we really don’t need to wait for a special occasion or school closure to arm and finger knit. So, go grab some yarn and tune in to hear Anne’s story. I hope you enjoy it. : )


Headshot curly-1027Here are some of Anne’s upcoming in-person teaching dates:
Nov. 5 – NYC Brooklyn Craft Company
Nov. 6 – Boston Private Event (contact Anne with interest at
Nov. 8 – Baltimore Woolworks
Nov. 29 – Denver Fancy Tiger
Jan. 15 – 17 – NYC Vogue Knitting Live
Sept. 17 – New Hampshire Squam Art Workshops

Anne teaches online here

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