CraftSanity Podcast Episode 169: How Rosa Rojas, a quilter from Spain helped me improve my appliqué game with her Apliquick tools


I’m not easily bamboozled by product pitches that promise life-changing results. After nearly 10 years at the helm of CraftSanity, I’ve seen a lot of craft tools and written off plenty as unnecessary and not-that-great. So I was I was pretty skeptical when I paused in front front of the booth at last month’s AQS Quilt Week show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

IMG_0768Behind the table Rosa Rojas was wowing the crowd with some impressive appliqué moves using her own brand of fabric glue, microserrated scissors, ergononmic tweezers and metal rods. Before our eyes, she was making teeny, tiny circle appliqué pieces and we were transfixed.

IMG_0715When the demo ended, I watched a handful of women line up to buy Rosa’s tools. I bought some, too, and went home to try them out on some circle appliqués. Right way, I noticed that I was able to work faster and get better results and I was intrigued. (Watch the time lapse I made of my second attempt at a circle using the appliquick tools on Instagram.

I wanted to know the story behind this business. The morning after AQS Quilt Week ended in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I met up with Rosa at the airport and we recorded a podcast while she waited to board a plane for the first leg of her journey back to Spain. Tune in the podcast to hear the story of how Rosa ended up partnering up with her friend, Olga Gonzalez-Angulo, to launch an international appliqué supply company.

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