CraftSanity Episode 172: A conversation with Jedediah Johnson, artist and architect of The Makeout Project

IMG_3162Artist Jedediah Johnson found a interesting way deal with a “life long fear of kissing people.”

He started making out with them in the name of art.

Here’s how it works:  After scheduling a makeout appointment, he applies a lot of lipstick and kisses people and then photographs the big messy aftermath.

Jed calls this collection of photos “The Makeout Project” and a selection of his photographs are on display at Fifth Third Bank in downtown Grand Rapids as part of ArtPrize 2015.

This podcast interview came to pass after my friend recognized Jed walking past us outside the Grand Rapids Community College Main Building where I teach. Realizing this was a great interview opportunity, I got up and chased Jed down on the street. And, yes, I admit that it felt weird for this married woman to chase after a man who makes out with people in the name of art, but it was completely worth it. Jed ended up agreeing to meet with me and my journalism students and I recorded a podcast during our conversation.

On this episode of the podcast, Jed discusses how he came up with the project, how it has evolved over the years and one of the highlights –  The Great Midwestern Makeout Tour.

A special thanks to The Collegiate Staff at GRCC for participating in this podcast recording. : )


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