CraftSanity Podcast Episode 152: A Conversation with Screen Printer and Designer Marcy Davy

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 11.06.17 PMIf you’ve ever pulled a print, you know the simple pleasure that comes right after moving the squeegee across an ink flooded screen. You know, the part when you lift up the screen to see how it turned out.


As a screen printer and designer, Marcy Davy, of Ypsilanti, knows this joy and repeats this process daily as a professional artist producing prints for her All Things Grow product line.

She uses “low tech” methods to print on canvas, wood and paper creating artwork informed by nature, folk art and vintage design. Marcy launched her business in 2008 and has sold more than 10,000 limited edition prints to date. Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 11.06.03 PM

Marcy sells her work online, via local retailers and at indie craft fairs. And in 2010 she joined forces with two friends to create DIYpsi, a bi-annual indie art and craft fair in Ypsilanti.

A kindred spirit with a generous heart, Marcy likes to share her screen printing tips and tricks. We connected recently via Instagram when she started posting kind encouragement and advice on photos documenting my first official foray into screen printinScreen shot 2015-01-07 at 11.05.56 PMg. On this episode of CraftSanity, Marcy kindly shares her story with us all. Tune in to hear how she transitioned from art school to working as a professional artist to eventually owning her own independent business. Pour yourself a cup of mint tea, add a little honey and settle in for an inspiring chat with Marcy.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 11.06.24 PM

Gratitude: I want to take a moment to thank my Patreon sponsors and ACS Home and Work, for sponsoring this podcast for the last several months. It’s a great privilege to be able to continue to produce a free show with community support. It remains my dream to have CraftSanity become a full-time business as opposed to the side project it’s been since we launched in 2006.

acshomeandwork-300x124I discovered ACS when I was looking for a local source for flour sack tea towels to use for my printmaking and embroidery projects. I’m very happy to be supporting a West Michigan-based company with my business and now ACS is stepping in to sponsor the CraftSanity Podcast. (Thank you!!) ** After honing my printing making skills for roughly two years, I am finally selling my handprinted tea towels in the CraftSanity Etsy shop in 2015. I use ACS towels and love the finished product.

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Become a sponosor – In 2015, I am excited to be continuing my partnership with ACS. I will also be looking to add a couple sponsors who sell products or services that I believe in and can enthusiastically endorse. If you own a business and interested in a partnership, please get in touch, but understand that I won’t be accepting random ads for products that I am unfamiliar with out of respect for my audience.

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