CraftSanity Podcast Episode 141: A library love story leads Marianne Gardner and Sean Maginity to handmade business venture

IMG_4939Sometimes handmade business partnerships start in the most unlikely ways.

Sean Maginity was working in the maintenance department at the Grand Rapids Public Library when he fell for Marianne Gardner, a woman at the reference desk.

She had no idea and Maginity kept his feelings to himself until it looked like his window of opportunity was about to close.

“She was talking about how she wanted to move to Los Angeles,” Sean said. “We weren’t a couple at the time, but she was going to be moving, so I was like: ‘I gotta let her know.’”

IMG_4983And so one day after work, Maginity made his move. He hung around after his shift and Marianne kindly offered him a ride home.

“When we got there I was like, ‘I have unresolved feelings for you’ and she was like, ‘I don’t know how to work with that,’” said Sean, 29, recalling the awkwardly endearing way he told Gardner he was smitten.

“It was a surprise,” said Marianne, 35, who went ahead with her moving plans, but not to get away from Sean.

Read the rest of the story and tune into the podcast to  find out what happened after Sean followed Marianne to L.A. and how their love story eventually lead them to be business partners at, their fast-growing terrarium business that has captured national media attention and captivated plant lovers coast to coast.

IMG_2498Gratitude: A special thanks to my Patreon sponsors and my new sponsor, ACS Home and Work, for supporting this podcast. I discovered ACS when I was looking for a local source for flour sack tea towels for printmaking and embroidery purposes. I’m very happy to be supporting a West Michigan-based company with my business and now ACS is stepping in to sponsor the CraftSanity Podcast through the end of the year. (Thank you!!) 

The good news for local West Michigan listeners is that you can shop ACS products at the Red Door, 6837 Lake Michigan Dr, in Allendale Charter Township. It’s the ACS outlet and also a pickup location for locals who want to order flour sack tea towels and other goods and skip the shipping costs. Visit Red door for a variety of tea towels and other home goods.

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