Frozen Bubble Magic


Hello Again!

Last weekend everything here in West Michigan was frozen and now – when I’m finally posting this frozen bubble blurb – there’s a massive thaw underway. Boo! As a lifelong Michigan resident, I should have known better than to hold back an activity that requires freezing temps. The only reason I sat on this is because I didn’t want to scoop myself. I wrote my newspaper column on this topic and it was published today. You can read it here.

I was inspired to try this after seeing Kelly’s stunning frozen bubble photography and you should really try it too. It’s magical to watch a bubble land and freeze and last longer that they ever do on a hot summer day.


Last Sunday I traveled to a far off place without leaving my front porch photographing bubbles freezing, caving in and flaking away. It’s really beautiful to watch. I wish I would have heard about this back when I was a kid. It would have been so fun to do this on snow days with my sisters.

So stock up on bubbles next time you’re at the store and get your camera ready for the next deep freeze. Then show everyone your photos and inspire others to try this all ages, wonderment-inducing activity.

And because it’s not cold enough to freeze bubbles here in West Michigan today, I’m going to share links to the nerdy videos I shot on my front porch. I didn’t have time to set it all to music, but I hope you’ll enjoy the visuals. If you decide to try it, stop back and let me know how it went in the comments. :  )

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