CraftSanity’s Arm Knitting Video Tutorial


Hello! Things have been pretty quiet here on the CraftSanity blog while I’ve been off teaching journalism at the local community college. I’ve been swamped, but I have not stopped crafting or writing my weekly art and craft column for The Grand Rapids Press or Today’s column is about arm knitting and my husband, Jeff, and I made you a video tutorial to go with it.

Turns out I LOVE arm knitting! It’s fast and fun and a great way to whip up some last minute holiday gifts. As the holiday stress takes hold, everyone starts to look really good in handmade scarves including your bald Uncle Joe who already owns four scarves. Just go with it. Arm knitting is a hot trend and an arm knit scarf is technically different from a needle knit scarf, so you’re doing Joe a favor by helping him keep up with the latest handmade fashion trends and for that I’m sure he LOVES you dearly. 


There are some nice instructional videos out there, but I thought it would be helpful to create one that shows you how this arm knitting business will look when you cast on. To accomplish this, I had Jeff shoot the video over my shoulder to give the perspective of what it will look like when you try it at home. Hopefully, you will find this video helpful and inspiring.

Here’s the start of my column so you know what I’m talking about…

Unusual things are happening in the wonderful world of knitting.

It seems a growing number of people are engaging in super-sized knitting using their arms in place of needles. And, in a more bizarre twist on using one’s body to knit, a feminist performance artist named Casey Jenkins just went viral when a video of her knitting a scarf in an art gallery from a ball of yarn she stashed in her nether region made its way to the web.

I respect the originality of Jenkins’ bold 28-day, public “vaginal knitting” experiment, but her technique is obviously very impractical for last-minute holiday gift-making and could result in an embarrassing trip to the ER or indecent exposure charges if executed poorly at a local yarn shop by non-performance artists.

So in the interest of keeping all of us regular knitters healthy and out of jail this holiday season, I recommend using a fancy yarn bowl if wool containment is a must. And if you still need to kick out some last-minute gifts it’s time to roll up your sleeves because I do believe the arm knitters are on to something fabulous.

You can read the rest of the column on Meanwhile, I have to go write next week’s. Feel free to post links to your arm knitting projects in the comments below. Happy knitting!



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