Scribble Drawings Forever

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9 Responses

  1. Juanita says:

    TY for this, Jennifer. I do art class with my homeschooled grandkids, so I am always looking for good ideas and this is definitely one of them.

  2. Holly u says:

    I used to do this all thd time! Mostly in some class, so I had only one pen or pencil on hand, and the spaces alternated between filled and blank. So funny you would post this now; I just showed this to my 5 yo son for the first time a couple weeks ago. He loves it!

  3. LPC says:

    Jennifer, look up Zentangles. They’ve basically “unvented” these scribbles into a meditative artform. They call the scribble a string.

  4. Wow, i like the lines & colors, beautiful! i will draw one for my daughter

  5. Stevan says:

    OMG! My husband and I were just taking the other day about how I had books & books of these type of scribble designs. I started doing them when I was 4 years old (MANY YEARS AGO!). LOL!

  6. Lily says:

    I love these scribble drawings, so cute.

  7. tagheuer says:

    When I was young, I liked to draw, but no talent, your painting is very beautiful

  8. Erin says:

    I remember when my teacher use to come around, draw a scribble on a sheet of paper and we had to make something out of it, ie: turn it into a person, animal or some sort of a picture. Another fun way to get creative :)

  9. It’s a great thing that you draw so much! I love seeing your artwork! And I think Piper and Annabeth will be great friends and hang out and make fun of the boys in the future. How did you scan these in so dark, or do you just use dark pencils? Awesome work Andy!

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