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  1. I’m training for the See Jane Run Half-Marathon in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 8th. It’ll be my first half-marathon. I’m following a 20 week training schedule which is working really well for me. I’m also doing the bulk of my training on the treadmill, it works for me too. I’m also doing some 5K races along the way so that I can run outside.

  2. jennifer says:

    Good luck with your training! The half marathon is a very nice distance, so much more humane than the full marathon. :) I used to do a lot of 5Ks on the weekends, but now that my kids are older I’m often taking them to soccer games or swim meets on Saturdays. I miss racing on a regular basis, but I’m okay with a more limited racing schedule and saving money because of it. Those race entry fee are getting mighty expensive.

  3. Sam says:

    Hi Jennifer …. I’m a new fan of your podasts & blog and I recently discovered and am thoroughly enjoying all your magazines :-)

    I’m training for 10k fun run around the bridges of the Swan River in my beautiful city of Perth, Australia. I had to sign up for it because it’s on my 49th birthday, in a couple of weeks!

    Good luck with your Gazelle Girl Half, I look forward to reading all about it!

    Sam xoxo

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