DIY Valentine’s Day Bling

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  1. Eri says:

    I need a newer tire! Another week wait and what I got was a second tire from the same old batch of tires. So psised off I left the store with the tire and receipt so i could report them on this and the store manager came out and stole the tire from the back of my vehicle as I was leaving. The police were called and this will most likely end up in court.

  2. I would love to see the day when the United States leaves the UN and is no longer a part of NATO; a day when all of our soldiers come home and our overseas bases are closed. Not a single drop of American blood should be spilt in defense of another nation. Only without entangling alliances can America ever trade freely with other nations.

  3. will also be having a fun s’mores bar, and fondue fountain with fruit for a twist in the dessert department! We have also asked everyone to come to our wedding in their classic cars, boots and cowboy hats

  4. Oh, well, this is so typical! I feel his pain. I mean, he finally let’s his guard down and loosens the leash a little. He allows her to go out of the house between the hours of 10 and 2 to do the wifely activities of grocery shopping and running errands. How does she repay him? By cheating on him! Sadly, he saw the necessity for having her followed much too late…

  5.   25 septembre 2012Le hasard fait bien les choses comme on dit. T’imagines ton Travalo avec l’autographe de Cynthia ? Il aura encore plus de valeur à la revente

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