Handmade Stories: My Great Grandma’s Knitting

I’m taking a quick break from wrapping up work on CraftSanity Magazine Issue 8 and prepping for tomorrow night’s free craft event at Schuler Books to share a handmade story project I launched today in my newspaper column. I’m collecting handmade stories and started by sharing a story I wrote for Issue 4 of my magazine. It’s about meeting my great grandmother for the first time in 1979 on her farm in Washington state. (That’s me, front and center, in the photo above holding great grandma’s hand. My little sister, Jacquie, is next to me and my mom and grandma are behind me to the left.) If you missed the story in today’s print edition of The Grand Rapids Press, please visit MLive.com to read the excerpt.

You can download the slipper pattern I wrote about here. Pattern information is on Ravelry, too.

My column explains what I’m up to, so check it out for more info. In a nutshell, I’m essentially asking people to tell me the stories and traditions behind the patterns and projects they make. My plan is to interview and feature the people who send in the best projects and stories. Projects and stories can be emailed to me or sent via regular mail (I enjoy crafty correspondence!) to Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, P.O. Box 888192, Grand Rapids, MI 49588.

I’m going to get my work done while I wait to hear your stories. :  ) Have a lovely day!


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