If Only Weaving Could Solve All Of Our Problems

After a couple weeks of feeling exhausted and inspired, reality is setting back in and I’m being reminded that I can’t solve every problem with community art projects no matter how hard I try. More on that in just a bit…

On a very positive note, Amelia and I did a segment yesterday on WZZM Channel 13’s “Take Five” show about the massive school-wide weaving project we just wrapped up her and Abby’s elementary school. The station aired footage they shot of the unveiling which was really cool. You can check out the clip here.

And my column about the final installment of the project was published today on MLive.com, too.

I have a few more large pieces of student weaving to remove from the looms and then I will start filling the looms up again with help from Abby and Amelia. We’re aiming to have another house woven by the June 10 opening of the Fulton Street Artisan’s Market. I’m also working on a tentative plan to possibly create a collaborative woven installation and community weaving project at Maker Faire Detroit in July which will be fun. (Please get in touch, if you’d like to be part of this project.)

I’ve met some really interesting and inspiring people during the last couple days, and I will be telling you about many of them soon. Unfortunately, I also felt a hairline crack spread across my heart this afternoon when I heard what the little girl who has been bullying my daughter said today. If it’s your way, please send a prayer up for my daughter and her classmate. They both need love and support right now. Parents, hug your kids and ask them how their day went. Dialog is key to helping our kids through difficult times. They need to know that we love them no matter what, no matter what anyone says. Sigh.

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